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December 2015

  /  2015

It's December!! I'm so excited for this Christmas, my sister is coming home to Ireland from the states with her husband and her beautiful baby Robin, who I haven't met and squeezed yet. So our Christmas is going from generally small

I went to Linz with my brother Michael when I was around 16, he was on Erasmus in Austria and I went over to visit for a few days. I don't remember much about the city apart from that they

Rob misses quite a bit of Dutch food from time to time, so we like to recreate some of the typical dutch food that you can't get here in Ireland. Sometimes the ingredients can be quite hard or impossible to

Damn, I love making bread. Just that smell and the first slice with a little bit of salty butter is just like no other. Although, I have never attempted to make baguettes until this week it's something that I have

Arlettes. Something I have never heard of or seen before Wednesday nights second episode of great british bake off. I decided to give the technical challenge a go because I have never even heard of them never mind ventured to make