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Happy New Year!! Today is the last day of 2017, which of course has gone by in a whirlwind. This year was filled with a lot of firsts and new achievements for us personally and as a company. I'm excited to see

Boterkoek or simply Butter Cake is a Dutch recipe that I make so regularly. It's fairly common to get a little cube of this with a cup of coffee if you are in The Netherlands, and a lot of people

It's December!! I'm so excited for this Christmas, my sister is coming home to Ireland from the states with her husband and her beautiful baby Robin, who I haven't met and squeezed yet. So our Christmas is going from generally small

I went to Linz with my brother Michael when I was around 16, he was on Erasmus in Austria and I went over to visit for a few days. I don't remember much about the city apart from that they

Arlettes. Something I have never heard of or seen before Wednesday nights second episode of great british bake off. I decided to give the technical challenge a go because I have never even heard of them never mind ventured to make

As Rob is Dutch and I am Irish we end up celebrating each others Holidays and traditions, mainly just the fun ones as neither of us are religious or from religious families. December ends up being a busy month for

I tasted a tart in my favourite cafe in one of my favourite cities in Europe last Spring, Helin & Voltaire is a beautiful cafe in the stunning┬áDjurg├ąrden park in Stockholm. It was a simple short base with a mixture

I always thought I knew what a danish pastry was, I was wrong. That dry raisin swirl covered in gloppy icing was all a lie!! Funnily enough the Danes call their Danish pastry a Vienna pastry

Kanelbullar should be on the Swedish Flag, they are everywhere! When you arrive at the airport you can even smell them. When I first moved over to Sweden, my friend Martin gave me 20SEK to buy my first cinnamon bun

Semlor These cardamom yeasted buns are a unique treat for Sweden. They are one of the prettiest things that you can see lined up in a bakery window, all ready for Fika time. There are a few steps to making these buns,

Carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes to make. It's different to most other cakes where the main ingredients are usually milk, eggs, and flour and a dabble of something else. In this cake, the texture from the carrots