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Our first visit to Japan was Spring time 2015, a year and a half later and I’m uploading pictures from the trip, I’d like to say this isn’t typical. Part of the reason is because I wasn’t sure anyone was interested and the other part was I’m trying to push my learning in photography and thought editing and sharing these would be a good exersize. Rob is the photographer in our company and I’m the stylist but photography for me is a really big hobby and can be a little difficult and daunting when you live with a professional so I’ve had all of these images sitting on my hard drive and thought it was time to do something with them.

Anyway, back to Japan. We travelled to Tokyo, Kyoto and some smaller areas such as Magome, Tsumago and Izu etc. If you are planning a trip to Japan and have any questions just pop them in the comment section, I’d love to discuss with you the parts I adored. Japan is such a incredible country to travel around, so much so that we are heading back in March 2018, I cannot wait to explore more of this stunning country. Here are some snippets that sum up my Japanese journey.


  • Geraldine

    Looks like a magical trip, photos came out excellent, well done!

  • Wow it looks like such a beautiful place I’m desperate to go


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